Physical And Online Retailer

Physical and Online Brand VB Skin
Physical and Online Brand VB Skin

The Brand Experience Plus Online Convenience

VB Skin Pro, a cosmetic brand with a solid local backbone is going online to meet new clients. This is the best of both worlds — the unique experience of a retail brand and the convenience of online retail put together.  VB Skin Pro was created and developed first in our spa.  After, building our brand and gaining experience with our local clients, our next move is to develop our online sell and gain new customers.

The physical world is still the world that we live in, where we work, being social and interact, and fall in loveIt is our experience of the world, and it is the experience of our brand that will have your customers coming back.  The advantages of being a physical retailer is the accuracy and the strong customer feedback on our products.  It is crucial for us to keep this human contact with our clients to develop our brand and see clients satisfaction and experience.

The digital space is there for convenience. The physical space is there for the experience.

As a business owner, our duty is, above all, to bring value to the customer in new ways. Yes, the internet will always beat retail in cost-efficiency, but it will never measure up to the rich, real-life experience of being in a physical store.  Bring our brand online to improve foot traffic, online sales and overall retail revenue.

VB Skin Pro is skin care products work for all skin types like dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, and a combination of them.  Our products are manufactured in United States.  Our store is located in San Diego on 777 6TH avenue suite 109 CA 92101.