The Need Of a Eye Cream

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VB Skin Eye Cream Blog


A common question clients asked us: why can I just use a regular moisturizer around my eyes?

The thinnest skin in human body around your eyes, that is the reason the signs of aging show up around the eyes more quickly than other areas of the face.

Skin under the eyes is showing puffiness for the following reasons: fluid builds up and allergies and sinus problems.  Also dark circles formation is the result of epidermis becoming thinner and when underlying veins become more prominent.  Dark circles is the consequence of sun exposure, smoking, aging, lack of sleep and heredity.  Also, the eye area does not contain oil glands that can help keep this skin moist.  For all these reasons, we recommend using a separate eye cream than a regular moisturizer.

Eye cream, balm and and serum are formulated with molecules much smaller than those used for face creams and lotions.  Face moisturizers contain different combinations of emollients and humectants ingredients, these molecules are often quite large, and because under your eyes there are fewer pores these ingredients will not absorb as well and the active ingredients in the cream are just not going to do their work.

In a specially formulated eye cream, the active ingredients are smaller and can be delivered and absorbed by the skin around the eyes to treat common problems (dark circles, puffiness, fine lines) making it much more results effective.  For skin around the eyes, VB Skin recommends our Lip & Eye Balm serum.

Lip & Eye Balm Description

A luxurious eye serum, formulated peptides, plants stem cell hydrating Hyaluronic acid.  As soon Lip & Eye Balm is applied, it immediately tightens the look of the eyelids and firms the appearance of the eye and lip contours. Alleviating the look of crow’s feet and whistles lines, this balm creates younger-looking skin.  Ideal for dry or sensitive skin and anti-aging for all skin types.


  • Natural complex provides immediate soothing effect to reduce the look of dark circles under the eyes
  • Peptides improve eye and lip contour with firmness and elasticity, eases puffiness
  • Firming matrix minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in seconds and lasts for hours
  • Plants stem cells extract encourages on going rejuvenation that include firming, repairing and hydrating activity

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